3/22/ Names of Lord ShivaShiva Sahasranama. 2 Jul The Shiva Purana lists following names of god Shiva. For the knowledge of our buyers/readers we are giving those names here: Shiva –. Shiva Sahasranama, The Names of God Shiva. likes · talking about this. May this be heard, O great sages, I shall now recount the hymn.

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Sarvapaavanaay, You are the great purifier Madhyamaay, One who is equal 1008 names of lord shiva all Digvaasasae, One who is in shivx directions, One who covers the infinite space Sambhagraay, One who sniva greatly adored Pitrae, The Lord is the Father Eedyaay, One who is praiseworthy Vishwaroopay, Whose form is the universe, the origin of all infinite forms Pavitraay, The Lord is the great purifier Bhasmashayaay, The Lord sleeps on the bed of ashes Ashes — Bhasma signifies the destruction of sin, diseases and attachment Vibhavae, One who has diverse forms Maheechaarinae, Hsiva who wanders over the earth Oordhvaraetasae, The Lord has never fallen from His rigid vows of Brahmachaaraya Parabrahmanae, The Lord is most supreme giver of joy, the highest bliss Vishamaangaay, One whose forms are very subtle and form the bases of the elements The appearance of the Shiva Sahasranama Stotra in at least 18 different texts is a testament 1008 names of lord shiva the fact that Shaivism in various forms was once immensely 0108 throughout the Indian subcontinent.

Vaataay, The Lord is the wind Banahastaay, He has arrows in another hand Mahaayashasae, One who is of greatest fame Aneetayae, The Lord is the form of dictatorship prevailing in the worlds Ghoaraay, One who is calm, mild Daevaasuravinirmaatrae, The Lord is the creator of both the deities and the demons Taejasae, The very embodiment of tejas an abundance of brilliant energy Shakraay, The Lord is Indra, Shakra Yugaadhipaay, One who intelligently distributes the fruits of righteousness and 1008 names of lord shiva Gocharmavasano, One whose clothes are made from cow hide Vyaaghraay, The Lord is the form of the Lord of tigers Ayagya, The Lord is without action Part of a series on.

Svatibhaavaay, The Lord is the very form 1008 names of lord shiva blessings, prosperity Sushaadaay, The Lord is the bearer of everything Krushnapingalaay, The Lord is both dark and fair Hari-Harablack and tawny One, who is content, has accomplished everything that needs to be done.

Ratnaprabhootaay, The Lord is the source of countless attributes and precious gems Maeroodhaamnae, The Lors resides on Mount Maeru Amrutaay, The Lord is the form of nectar 1008 names of lord shiva Mahabeejaay, The great seed,the cause of the Universe Guhyaay, One who resides in the cave of the heart, The knower of the secret meaning of the Upanishads