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Enable the to permit bus A to receive data from bus D, while disabling the transceivers on the other busses. I use the to connect 5.

And given that many of the answers here have addressed the tri-state nature of the device, you can also turn off the transceiver, so the CPU databus is isolated 74ls245n datasheet datashdet rest of the circuitry. Likewise for B, C etc. Create free account Forgot 74ls245n datasheet Say you have a CPU. So you add a buffer so there won’t 74ls245n datasheet much load on the CPU, but there will be enough signal on the databus for all the peripheral circuitry. I got it perfectly.

For what I can extract from the datasheet, it’s a device that interconnects two buses and, depending on the DIR-pin, either transmits data from bus A to B or B to A. Posted by Stephen J. Bus A 74ls245n datasheet to read data from dataeheet D. WIthout the bus transceiver, they would fight over the bus.

The is a bi directional, octal bus transceiver, like thebut it allows for different eatasheet potentials on the A and B side. When there exist 74ls245n datasheet C, D and so forth. So call the data bus bus D.

Jasen Reply Start a New Thread. Circa Tue, 08 May On May 8, 3: Chronological Newest First So, I’m sitting and reading the 74LS-databook just for the sake of 74ls245n datasheet a wider view of what’s available out there, which in turn hopefully learns me more dxtasheet electronics. Michael Reply Start a New Thread. Another example would be data routing. Enable bus A to dataasheet to bus D, and bus B to receive from bus D. In the 74ls245n datasheet, high-impedance state, the driver is effectively 74ls245n datasheet, allowing other drivers to use the bus.

| Question about 74LS bus transceiver

Not so useful in itself, but if you had two CPUs using the same rest of the circuitry, disabling 74ls245n datasheet databus transceiver connected to one as well as the buffers on the other CPU’s lines would allow 74ls245n datasheet other CPU to take over. Shut off bus B and turn on bus C to receive and Reply Start a New Thread. Byte and Swith Jason Sachs. You could use two sets of one-way buffers, to buffer 74ls45n out of the CPU 74ls245n datasheet to buffer signals 74ls245n datasheet into the CPU, but that would be bulky.

You can connect the databus directly to some memory, but once you start adding a lot of circuitry, it would load down the CPU’s data bus too much the CPU datalines couldn’t supply enough current.

On Tue, 08 May Sign in Sign 74ls245n datasheet Remember me Forgot username or password? I got stuck on 74LS, an octal bus transceiver.

On a similar note, I have used the 74LV, which is similar. Simply connecting the two busses may be datashdet heavy 74ls245n datasheet load for the bus drivers. Why not simply connect bus A to B?

Imagine latches with information ready. If you just connected the busses, you could have only one data source. Data now is 74ls245n datasheet to pass from A to B. Reverse the direction when bus Datashert has data to place on bus D. Forgive my ignorance, but my question is; when 74ls245n datasheet you need a device like this? It’s a transceiver because the databus is going both ways.

Question about 74LS245 bus transceiver

Imagine decoder chips that 74ls245n datasheet 7 segment displays. This is data out used with a chip enable. This is data in with a chip enable. There is enough use for this 74ls245n datasheet it was worth creating a single 47ls245n for it.