28 Apr ANNAMAR STORY IN TAMIL PDF – annamar swamy story in tamil, american beauty full movie download mp4, santa flora gta sa, gerakan. Annamar Story In Tamil. Free download Annamar Story In Tamil mp3 for free. Ponnivalanadu In The Beginning Episode 01 பொன்னிவளநாடு. 1 Apr The story about the epic of gounders called ANNAMAR KATHAIGAL famously called PONNAR SHANKAR.

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The incarnations of Panchapandavas go to heaven again and Goddess Periyakandi also attains the Kailash as her penance came to end.

Posted by Boopathi chandrasekaran gounder at Finally, she married Kunnudaiyan. Her screaming disturbs Goddess Periyakandi, who is doing penance for yugas together waiting for arrival of Ponnar-Sankar and to anmamar their bravery to protect Dharma.

annamar story in

Velu Annamar story in February 8, at 6: Finally, she married Kunnudaiyan. Thanks so much and let keep on sharing your stuffs.

The society back in the time may have used rustic traditions prevalent, for example, of folktales, sayings, ballads, songs, or chants, to transmit oral history, oral literature, oral law and other knowledge across generations without a writing system.

annammar The story has been recited and passed as a folk tale through many generations in very rustic traditions as songs which were known as gramiya padalgal or folk songs and have been enacted as folk entertainment through street theater which were known as Therru Koothu. Ponnar and Sankar Annamar revenged their cousin fathers and mothers for punishing their annamar story in and mother.

அண்ணமார் கதை (Ponnar-Sankar): Annamar swami kathai (Pichai Pattan ) full download link

Palanisamy Subramani February 14, at The elder brother, as a Karaalan gave refuge in the borders of his country Konad. I feel stody births of Ponnar-Shankar and Arukani degraded by naming them incarnates of Aryan Epic characters.

But, Ponnar escapes his plans and Thattans was cursed by his own mother that his entire lineage will born handicapped. Balu Kaliannan March 26, at 9: You have written in annamar story in way to express the history our ancestors. Annamar marries Muththayi and Pavalayi and jails them as per the wish annamar story in their parents.

Bhuvanesh March 26, at 8: The Annamr story was played through western Tamil nadu in several places and the worship was done with care for many centuries.

Kolaththa Gounder and his wife Pavalaththal decide to leave their country Perungudi because of atrocities of his unjust brothers. I appreciate your post. The Ponnar-Sankar story starts from their grandfathers.

Ratnagiri Iswara directed to do penance on the top of the Veeramalai until the brave Ponnar-Sankar does a Dharmayuththa to destroy the evil forces in the country.

The chieftain of the Annamar story in country in Chera kingdom part of Southern Namakkal district was Kolaththa Gounder, eldest among the twelve brothers belong to Perungudi clan of Kongu Vellalar gounders. They were blessed with sfory male child after long penance and they named him as Mannudaiya Gounder later called as Kunnudaiya Gr.

He went to a Chettiyar Merchant caste home who was selling the rice bran. The couples were left with girl Arukkani alone. After while the erstwhile Konad was renamed as Valanadu Trichy Dt. Unfortunately for him, his parents died of natural causes, leaving the five year old child fend for himself.

In this junction, M. Their efforts over a period of time pays off making annamar story in country prosperous. But, Mayavar Anbamar Vishnu sees this and gives lives annamar story in Veduvas annamar story in side. Goddess travels to South doing lot of miracles among the people and reaches Ratnagiri Shiva temple Iyermalai near Kulithalai, Trichywere Iswara of Ratnagiri given a way to Veeramalai and turned Periyakandi to complete female form.

Keep update more info on this.!!! Goddess Sellandi brings annamar story in their two sons, Ponnar-Sankar to Kunnudaiyan. The Thalaiyur Kaaliraja plans to kill Ponnar and Sankar. This pooja is performed every year and the same Padukalam was performed by the people with very conscious way. It is also Kuladevata of Perungudi group of konguvellala gounder. Today all are busy with their work, so sfory fail to get a good team for maintenance and repair.

The child was called Goddess Periyakandiyamman. They show their bravery to the Chola Maharaja, who seeks their help for protecting annamar story in tamil borders of kingdom.


He went to a Chettiyar Merchant caste home who annamar story in tamil selling the rice bran. Story of Goddess Periyakandiyamman: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Raynor Ofindia 21 Annamar story in tamil annsmar Today all are busy with their work, so they fail to get a good team for annamar story in tail repair.

From then Ponnar sankar comes to earth every year to get their Pooja from the people at Veerappur temple. The 11 brothers from Vazhavanthi country faced severe drought and have seeked refuge to their eldest brother in Konad in Chola kingdom. Great annamar story in with excellent idea! Sathish Ponnusamy April 16, at Story of Tamll Periyakandiyamman: The couple went to Annamar story in and has founded the initial settlements, the area was vast wasteland but with their hard work and dedication they set out to develop these wastelands into cultivable farm lands.

After the stody of Kunnudaiyan the Chettiar become prosperous. But annamar story in have illtreated him and have punished them for a night in cell with ants and termites. This period saw the rise and fall of many kingdoms annamar story in of which were empires that exerted influence far and wide.

Appliances are being used in our daily activities. He got Nellivalanadu as a fiefdom for his resolution of a dispute amongst the Moovendar. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi were surprised by the act of the cobra.

The same is seen here also.