Description: Dalail ul Khayrat Arabic text with Urdu Translation Dalaail u’l Khayraat (Proofs of Good Deeds) is a book of salawaat (blessings) on our beloved. 31 Mar Dalail khayrat arabic. Dalail-i Hayrat. Wa Shawarqi’l Anwar. Fi Zikris Salat ala Nabiyil-Mukhtahar. Guide of Good Deeds and the Brilliant Burst of Light in the Rememberance of.

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And establish us on dallail way, allow us to die in his manner, resurrect us in his dalail khayrat beneath his flag, and make us among his associates, water us at his Pool, allow us to drink from his drinking bowl, and enjoy his love.

Dalail Khayrat

dalail khayrat And have us drink at his Purest Pool. O Allah, cover my faults khayra a beautiful covering three times.

When he became a Complete Shaykh, dalail khayrat headed towards the town of Safi where he gathered dxlail disciples around him. O Allah bless our master Muhammad and the family of our master Muhammad in the rotation of the celestial bodies, dalail khayrat the overshadowing of darkness and in the glorifying of angels. O Allah, bless our master Muhammad, blessings which ennoble his abode and blessings which procure on the Day of Judgement pleasure from his intercession.

So I ask You, O Allah, that You erase from my heart everything that You hate dalail khayrat fill my heart with fear of You, knowledge of You, awe of You, longing for what is with You, and security and well-being, and have pity on us dalail khayrat mercy and blessings from You, and inspire in us that which is proper and wise. And the freshest blessings of Allah.

And improve our states. O Allah send to the soul of our master Muhammad my greetings and my salutations.

O Allah, forgive the believing men and women and the surrendering men and women i. It is of the most important tasks for whoever dalail khayrat to draw closer to Allah Exalted be He.

dalail khayrat O Allah, through the grace of this asking for blessings upon him, make us dalail khayrat numbered because of it among the victorious ones and at the Pool among the drinkers and waterier. O Allah, bless and grant abundant peace to the Hashimi Prophet, our master Muhammad, and to his family and Companions. Dalail khayrat Allah, bless our master Muhammad and the family of the lord Muhammad, and all the Companions of our master Muhammad.

O Allah, bless our master Muhammad whenever those who neglect to remember him do so. And those who are with him are strong against unbelievers, compassionate amongst each other.

Dala’il al-Khayrat – Wikipedia

Ikil the Crown cAllaAs blessing and peace be upon. O Allah, bless the Dalail khayrat of Intercession. And Dalail khayrat ask You, O Allah, in dalail khayrat name written on the olive leaf. O Allah, bless our master Muhammad as much as You will create in them until the Day of Resurrection and every day a thousand times. On their faces are their marks, the traces of prostration. The Boon of Allah from the creation of Allah.

Whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah has grasped the most dalail khayrat handhold, that never breaks, And Allah hears knows all things.

O Allah, forgive me my sins and my parents, and bestow mercy upon then even as they cherished me in childhood, and all the believing men and women, all the surrendering men and women, the living and dead, and may blessings ensue on us, O Lord, forgive, bestow mercy, and You are the Best of the Merciful.

Dalail Khayrat – Baraka Bazaar

Bestow upon this plaintiff, You, O Lord, victory over our enemies. O Allah, bless the One whose mediation was sought by the birds of the desert. And the finest thoughts of those dalail khayrat remember him. And forgive us, O Allah, and our parents, our masters, our shaykhs, and da,ail the believing men and women, and surrendering khayrt dalail khayrat women, alive and dead, through Your mercy, O Most Merciful of the Merciful.

The book in question entitled ”Dala’il Al-Khayrat”.

And bless our master Muhammad as many dalail khayrat as there have falail years and that which You have created in them and that which dies in them. Muslih the Conciliator cAllaAs blessing and peace be upon him. O Allah, bless the Warner of the folk of dalail khayrat earth.

And make us use our wealth only for good.

O Allah, bless our master Muhammad to the extent of Your Forbearance. Kalimullah the Dalail khayrat of Allah cAllaAs blessing and peace be upon. Baligh the Proclaimer cAllaAs blessing and peace be upon him. O Allah, bless the Possessor of wondrous events. I ask Khyrat in dalail khayrat of Your most beautiful names and in the Greatest of Your names, and for the sake of the rank most noble to You, and for the sake of the reward most plentiful with You, and dalail khayrat the sake of the promptest response from You, and in Your Protected and Hidden Name, the Most Exalted of the Exalted, the Greatest of the Great, the Most Magnificent of the Magnificent, the One Dalail khayrat responds to and satisfies him who calls upon You in them and whose prayer is accepted.

And praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. Because many people fall into prey of polytheistic beliefs and it becomes a knayrat of their peril.

dalail khayrat O Allah, bless our master Muhammad and the family of the lord Muhammad just as You blessed our master Abraham and bless our master Muhammad and the family of the lord Muhammad just as You blessed our master Abraham in all the worlds for You are the Praiseworthy, the Mighty. O Splendid One, I ask You in Your great, perfect and majestic name, not to give dominion over me to the tyrant, the stubborn one, the rebellious Satan, an envious man, the weak among Your creation, the oppressive one the ruinous one, the corrupt one, the enslaved one, or the wilful one.

O Allah, bless our master Muhammad and his good and noble family with blessings which are perpetual and eternally bound up with dalail khayrat duration of the Owner of Majesty and Nobility. Dalail khayrat bless our master Muhammad as many times as there are stars in the sky and Dalail khayrat alone are their counter.