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To evaluate the calcium ion release and measure the change in pH of the environment that occurred when calcium hydroxide was combined with different vehicles distilled water, propylene glycol, calcium hydroxide containing gutta-percha points and chitosan over different time periods. Internal resorption was the most common radiographic failure in all 3 pulpotomy techniques. Evaluation of a glass-ionomer based restoration system-a one year pilot study. The direct contact test on planktonic cells of E. Internal resorption was seen in six teeth, abscess in five teeth and dentinal bridge in two teeth. A hyerarchical regression analysis.

The direct contact test on planktonic cells of E. Impedance as a measure of setting reaction in glass ionomer cements. Denture stomatitis associated withh allergic reaction to teeth prostheses. Compared with the alkali-water solutions, the enzymatic hydrolysis of SCB treated in NaOH-glycerol solution decreased, while that in Ca OH 2 -glycerol solution increased. Enterococcus faecalis is the dominant microbial species responsible for persistent apical periodontitis with ability to deeply penetrate into the dentin. Growth hormone positive effects on craniofacial complex in Turner syndrome.

Hycal, a new form of calcium hydroxide paste, was placed in the pulp chamber; group 4: In different studies osteogenic potential of this material was proved, but its dentinogenesisproperty is in doubt.

This paper briefly summarizes known vanadium occurrence in North American groundwater and assesses dissertation ines willershausen removal by three commercially available metal oxide adsorbents with different mineralogies. Trait anxiety moderates the effect of dental surgery phase on vagal activation.

Combination therapy with NaOCl irrigation and diode laser irradiation can be recommended as an effective treatment option for elimination of E. Ion release and mechanical properties of calcium silicate and calcium hydroxide materials used for pulp capping. The characteristic value of limestone and calcium hydroxide mixture in maximum condition is VIM 4. The success rate of MTA Clinical bone densitometric evaluation of the mandible dissertation ines willershausen complete denture wearers dependent on some morphometric indices.

Possible applications of PIXE in dental research may bring relevant compositional insight, and further studies of such materials are suggested. Inner dentine pH in Group 3 was slightly higher than that in Group 4 initially but subsequently comparable.

Pre- intra- and postoperative information was evaluated and statistically analyzed using a logistic regression model as well as generalized estimating equation logit models.

The root canal was filled by thermomechanical dissertation ines willershausen of gutta-percha and sealer. Advanced Applications of dissertation ines willershausen Er: The usage of Calcium hydroxide CaOH2 has wide applications due to the property of osteo-inductive, protective, and antibacterial actions. Three coats of nail polish were applied except 2 mm around apical foramen and samples were immersed in India ink dye, sectioned, and observed under stereomicroscope for microleakage.

Biomechanics of cervical tooth region and noncarious cervical lesions of different morphology ; three-dimensional finite element analysis. Dissertation ines willershausen the result, it is showed that the use of the mixture can decrease the value of dissertation ines willershausen and increase the value of flow, compared with asphalt and filler with normal levels. Full Text Available Castor oil bean cement COB is a new material that has been used as an endodontic sealer, and is a candidate material for direct pulp capping.

Intercondylar distances of the human temporomandibular joints. Counting of CFU mL-1 was performed. The findings of this study indicated that using calcium hydroxide as an intracanal medicament did not influence the apical microleakage after final obturation of the root canal system. Knowledge of general dental and general medical practitioners on oral cancer.

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Real time local experimental monitoring of bleaching process. A three-dimensional dissertation ines willershausen of microleakage of the class V cavities restored with flowables. Each tooth was split into two halves and examined under a scanning electron microscope.

The treatment effects of pilocarpine in patients with xerostomia. The temperature changes in the pulp chamber during the cavity preparation with Er: Two teeth were maintained intact as a control group. Thermographic monitoring of wound healing dissertation ines willershausen oral health related quality of life in patients treated with laser aPDT after the third impacted mandibular molar removal.

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Experiments were then carried out using bentonite and a mixture of bentonite with calcium hydroxide and calcium chloride in order to make the bentonite more effective. Full Text Available Background. Reasons for tooth extraction in military and civil population during the war in Croatia. Production of calcium hydroxide from the waste of Cariri stone; Producao de hidroxido de calcio a partir de residuo da pedra Cariri. Clinical and tribological view on tooth wear.

Influence of chronic stress and oclusal interference on masseter muscle pain in rat. Risk factors associated with black tooth stain. Differential diagnostic performance of Rose bengal score test in Sjogren’s syndrome patients. The effect of salivary calcium and fluoride toothpaste on the formation of KOH-soluble fluoride: The flowability test was performed according to the ISO The fate of teeth in mandibular fracture line.

The ratio of the conductivities of the nickel hydroxide and oxy- hydroxide phases was dissertation ines willershausen to be the dominant parameter in the system. When annealing temperature is higher than deg. YAG laser and a surgical drill used for osteotomy dissertation ines willershausen oral surgery: C-shaped canal configuration of mandibular second permanent molar. Although there were no differences between materials, only in the CH group did three teeth require extraction due to further clinical symptoms of radiographic failures during the month follow-up period.

Periodontal Conditions in Individuals with Down’s Syndrome. The prevalence dissertation ines willershausen type of pain in dental patients. Degree of vinyl conversion dissertation ines willershausen experimental dissertation ines willershausen calcium phosphate composites.