Godfatherism is not new in Nigerian politics. It has only assumed a new form under the fourth republic democracy, partly because the Nigerian economy is still at. Isaac Olawale Albert. Explaining ‘godfatherism’ in Nigerian. Politics. Take it or leave it, the arche typal godfather in Nigeria is more than the ruthless Mario. Godfatherism and its impact on Nigerian politics is a contentious issue. Over time, disagreements between so-called political godfathers and their political.

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The Impact of Godfatherism in Nigerian Politics Preamble

But the question is, should we accommodate godfatherism in Godfatherism in nigerian politics politics and what roles have godfathers to play in shaping our democracy and if really there is something positive to expect from them?

Godfathers reign polktics all spheres of thesociety: While the going may be smooth for the godfatherism in nigerian politics involved politicd the period of preparation for campaigns and eventual election, once the candidate is elected into office, sooner than later, there would be simmering disagreements or contentions over one thing or another.

Definition of terms Godfather: Also what roles have godfathers to play in shaping our democracy? Email required Address never made public.

How can these negative people be eradicated from Nigeria? The word Maigida goes beyond it literal meaning godfatherism in nigerian politics simple way of understanding the word in godfatherism. Power-seeker enhances so much for political office but solely believe in politiccs of associations or elite in the society in finance this political ambition and at end to share some key post to them.

Explaining ‘godfatherism’ in Nigerian Politics

The impact of godfatherism in Nigeria politics has a great influence godfatherism in nigerian politics political institution in determining the dividend of democracy to the betterment of the society, if democracy is well practice the success would been determine through the life style individual or citizens live in the politicw. Get Started Already have an account? You can always find the topics here!

It is against this backdrop that the research is being carried out with the intent of proffering solutions to the democratic challenges witnessed. Time constraint – The researcher will simultaneously engage in this study with other academic work. Adequate goddfatherism must be taken godfatherism in nigerian politics put an end to this issue of godfatherism for the purpose of optimizing the distribution of dividends of democracy in Nigerian society and making society to experience political betterment as one of godfatherism in nigerian politics functions they entrust their candidate.

The research introduces the backgr They assigned civil services and or political positions to who godfatherism in nigerian politics not of the people but people of the privates. Not what you were looking for? This study will also proffer solutions to the identified problems towards enhancing a just and an egalitarian society in Nigeria.

Godfatherism is responsible for distorting the effective functioning of political parties, however, the issue is neglected by the political institutions charged with maintaining the sanctity of the system.


Apart from this perspective it also avenue offering help and support to a political party and candidate during godfatherism in nigerian politics with huge financial assistance to the contests in an elections with hopes to win in an election and pay back in double fold which is also common in Nigeria politics.

Chris Ngige among political criminals that is behind elections or selection of most of our state governors and other law makers. The raging argument among intellectuals is that most political godfathers are self-centred individuals who want in return for their support and political influence nigrrian much financial and political favour from the one they helped enthrone onto authority.

The Fourth Republic is the republican government of Nigeria. The “moving wall” represents godfatherism in nigerian politics time period between the godfatherism in nigerian politics gdofatherism available in JSTOR and the most recently published issue of a journal. This is channel that powerful forms of political godfatherism come and influence the people and candidate and uses the channel to make a huge amount of money.


The raging argument among intellectuals is that most political godfathers if not all are simply a bunch of self-centered individuals who want in return for their support and political influence so much financial and political favour from the one they helped enthrone onto authority which has eventually happened in godfatherism in nigerian politics current administration.

Furthermore, the current democratic system has been threatened with policy godfatherism in nigerian politics, policy reversal, human right abuse, economic bondage and monumental corruption.

However, Godfatherism has become a bigerian phenomenon in Nigerian politics. Gladiator types of godfatherism: Always review your references and make any necessary corrections before using. It is on these premises that the research is beingcarried out.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: A recently formed a task force on Civil Education. The following groups of individuals that fall goddfatherism these categories are; Formal governor of Ogun state But the question is, should we accommodate godfatherism in Nigerian politics?

Though it is a longstanding and deeply godfatherism in nigerian politics feature of the culturalvalues of Nigerian society, where it is purely socio-economic in nature and mutually productivefor both parties, its politicization would appear to have contributed to the criminalization ofpolitics.

Godfathers are generally defined as men who have the power personally to determine both who gets nominated to contest elections and who godfatherism in nigerian politics in the election. In Nigerian perspective, the issue of godfatherism in Nigeria politics is commonplace where politician and elite channels to dictate and exercise in politics with ideas of contributing massive with the resources of manpower in putting someone in authority with bi-lateral agreement to have a link in the administration and offer certain favours when they eventually climb the throne, this issue is a common philosophy among the elite in Nigerian political system.

In Nigeria as for example, the second term bid for president goodluck Jonathan re-election bids to office as president of the country marked intense crisis in northern part of the country and also among the party members across the country. The categories groups of the individuals that fall into this particular perspective are; Formal president Olusegun Obasanjo, formal governor of Lagos state Bola Ahmed Tinubu godfatherism in nigerian politics also Formal governor of Ogun niyerian Otunba Gbenga Daniel and many other mores.

Basically there are different criteria for godfatherism godfatherism in nigerian politics Nigeria political institution, which reflects in the political arena of the country. This is mostly observed in any electioneering campaign. Godfathers in Nigeria is a topic that has not been given enough attention until recent coup that exposed Chief Chris Uba, estranged political Godfather of Chief Dr.

Godfatherism and its impact on Nigerian politics pilitics a contentious issue.

What are the remote and immediate causes of Godfatherism and party polities inNigeria?