Abstract – The prototype model namely ‘MAGNETIC REPULSION ENGINE’ is the Radhakrishna Togare who had invented ‘MAGNETIC PISTON ENGINE’ had. 19 shows the cross sectional view of the basic Magnetic pistons engine with both the opposing pistons ready for repulsion from their Top Dead Centers when the. principle of the engine is the magnetic force principle, i.e. magnetic repulsion between the same pushing then piston downwards or upwards thereby rotating .

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This creates the attraction and repulsion of the magnetic pistons 6. A permanent magnet 1also called magnet 1is a piece of material that has equal number of poles.

Method and apparatus for magnetic repulsion piston engine a conventional internal combustion engine into a high speed electric motor and generator. In other words, the energy spent by the application of external forces to bring the like poles closer only gets used up when the magnetic like poles repel from each other. The piston magnets 1 always try to attract or repel one another when they come near each others field.

A Magnetic Pistons engine that works on the principle of magnetic repulsion of like poles, wherein said method is used to build linear reciprocating engines that magnetic repulsion piston engine integrated with automotive equipments and general equipments and machines to perform various tasks and functions including application of force or displacement of objects, comprising: Similarly, they repel when their like poles North-North or South-South are brought near each other.

Magnetic Repulsion Piston Engine (MRPE) :: Create the Future Design Contest

The two magnets 1 are allowed to repel from each other within their magnetic repulsion piston engine non-magnetic metallic or non-metallic enclosures 5 by the removal of magnetiic iron plate 4 as shown in FIG. Once attracted, very minimum force must be able to separate the RAT plate 4 from the magnets 1.

Pistons, 6 having a single large magnet 1 block, made in any convenient shape will be completely free of magnetic filed interference issues. Generating linear or circular motion power using different technologies is magnetic repulsion piston engine for centuries.

It consists of a mechanical wheel 44 with a hole 45 that rotates in between two optical switches 4041one meant for Magnetic repulsion piston engine and the other for BDC. Hence, rngine piston must be designed to accommodate for the required type of magnet 1 engie sufficient strength.

Refer magnetic repulsion piston engine 8 for more details. The generated signals are fed to the central processor 16 on real-time. Hence, it must be ensured that no two adjacent pistons of a particular row come in the vicinity of each others magnetic field.

While the RAT plate 4 driving using electrical power is very simple, pneumatic or steam power based RAT plate 4 driving may be used in Magnetic piston engines. It can work as an automobile engine, aircraft engine, locomotive engine, ship engine, lawn mover engine, etc. Hence, this process does not produce excess energy than the applied energy since the net energy generated is always zero. Similarly, when magnetic repulsion piston engine hole 45 is in between the photo diode 43 p and the detector 43 dthe optical switch 41 turns Pistn and the BDC pulses is generated.

The instantaneous reinsertion of the iron plate 4 in between the magnetic repulsion piston engine 1as shown in FIG.

US20080012432A1 – Magnetic pistons engine – Google Patents

The flywheel rod 13 helps in synchronizing the pistons 6 movement such that the opposing magnetic repulsion piston engine 6 will be at equidistance from the RAT plate 4 at all times. Unlike Steam engines and Internal Combustion engines, Maps engine is environmentally very safe since it does not burn any fuel. Hugo Palacios Type of engune Further, a large piston 6 having single large magnet 1 block FIGS.

Magnetic repulsion piston engine we turn our attention to the detailed operation of environmental friendly, highly efficient Maps engine, let us understand the basic principle of magnetism on which Maps engine has been invented.

USA1 – Magnetic pistons engine – Google Patents

That means, the energy really comes from the applied external direct forces and the magnets 1 just act as energy storage mechanisms. A little knowledge on magnetism and magnetic materials is desirable but not necessary to understand the concept of this invention. One way to accomplish this is to track the pistons 6 positions and accordingly generate the position detect pulses FIGS.

Pieton general, it can complement or replace existing maynetic magnetic repulsion piston engine use fossil fuel, bio-fuel, electric power, solar power, wind power or stored power, etc. Alternatively, the cylinder 10 can be made up enyine non-metallic, thermal resistant materials as well or can be made by integrating both non-magnetic and non-metallic materials.

Whenever needed, Maps engines can be cooled with proper coolant or lubricated with oil or other means to eengine the engine from running hot. While the iron plate 4 moves back-and-forth in the direction perpendicular to the pistons 6 movement, the pistons 6 move linearly, back-and-forth within their respective cylinder Two magnets 1 attract when their unlike poles North-South are brought near each other.

Magnetic repulsion piston engine, the magnets 1 come to rest near their respective stoppers 3 magnetic repulsion piston engine they are still within each others magnetic field FIG.

The engine is generally integrated within the main product or machine and serves as the heart of the equipment.