1 Aug Dr. Richard Bartlett, who holds degrees in both chiropractic and naturopathy, has stepped away from his medical practice to help support a shift. Matrix Energetics by Richard Bartlett – Now available in paperback, this Matrix energetics hr The Science and Art of Transformation. 16 Apr Matrix Energetics, The Science and Art of Transformation, provides an easily- reproducible, results-oriented process of change that draws on.

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Westaway By Ruth Ware. I am now a Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner having an interesting time and great results with clients.

Matrix Energetics

More Books from this Author. Oh yeah, and the book’s not bad, either. Whatever you can imagine, they say you can achieve. This is one of those books that changed my life. Matrix Energetics, The Science and Art of Transformationprovides an easily-reproducible, results-oriented process of change that draws on the fundamental principles embraced by the field of quantum physics.

I think our expectations are based upon what we have gotten back from our environment, not what we have gotten back from the universe. This book like the Matrix Energetics courses is mind blowing fun. There are no more excuses! We are living at a very exciting time!

natrix Allowing Angels into our Life. Of course those who are already in touch with their higher self or spiritual ways can easily use these methods with your normal healing techniques and have a wonderful time helping people and yourself. I highly recommend this book, however be prepared to have your mind expanded.

I’m still intrigued enough to contemplate attending one of the author’s seminars to further investigate.

Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Transformation | The Edge Magazine

Of So my boyfriend has been bugging me for a year to by this book. Want to Read saving…. There are energeticx discussion topics on this book yet.

That feeling of connection then allows you to make a measurement.

You will not be disappointed Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

As the person who is performing the art of the Two-Point, what exactly are you doing during this process? You write that Matrix Energetics is not a technique, but a state of mind.

Relinquishing the Illusion of Control.

Richard Bartlett discovered that what he once thought about the human body was just the tip of the iceberg — after seeing change beneath his hands, and hearing about trwnsformation invisible transformations that were often revealed later — he knew that he had to pass along what he had discovered. By applying forces known to modern physics, each of us can tap into states of healthy awareness from different moments — in essence, travel in time — and bring them into the present for immediate, profound results.

There is a brilliant and maverick scientist,Tom Bearden, who says that we talk about physical laws, but he believes there are no physical laws. Time Travel and Parallel Realities. Bartlett builds upon his popular seminars to teach us how to access the discovery he has made — a process that merges the science of subtle energy with our innate imaginations to produce measurable results.

He gives plenty of examples, references and his website so you can see for yourself. Bartlett seems to be doing the same thing as spiritual faith matrix energetics the science and art of transformation who touch their followers and watch them crumple to the floor.

He suddenly discovered that by lightly matrix energetics the science and art of transformation his clients while at the same time applying focused intent, he could restore them to a physically, mentally, and spiritually balanced state, instantly May 25, Alan rated it it was ok.

His perspective and skill has dramatically enh Down the rabbit hole we go, Alice! At the quantum level, the act of measuring collapses the wave function of what you are observing. But we can all agree, because we have agreed, that this is so many inches, or we can measure in feet, or we can measure in smells or sounds or feelings.