2 Oct The Mukunda Mala Stotra (the collection verses as flowers offered to Mukunda) is a classic text coming from the Sri Sampradaya. In the Sri. 14 Sep LYRICS: (1). śrī-vallabheti vara-deti dayā-pareti. bhakta-priyeti bhava-luṇṭhana- kovideti. nātheti nāga-śayaneti jagan-nivāsety. ālāpinaḿ. 16 Apr TEXT 1: O Mukunda, my Lord! Please let me become a constant reciter of Your names, addressing You as Śrī-vallabha (“He who is very dear to.

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Vaniquotes All categories All pages. It is the name of Krishna. O Mukunda, my Lord! His beautiful form, lying on the mukunda mala stotram of the serpent Ananta, is speckled by the shower of spray from the milk ocean’s waves. If those in the renounced order want to be delivered from the terrible, poisonous condition of material life, they should have the good sense to constantly hear the mantra om namo narayanaya.

I know no one greater than You. Translations and purports 7 – 53completed by the disciples of His Divine Grace. Please let me become a constant reciter of Your names, addressing You as Sri-vallabha [“He who is very dear to Lakshmi”], Varada [“the bestower of benedictions”], Dayapara [“He who is causelessly merciful”], Bhakta-priya [“He who is very dear to His devotees”], Bhava-lunthana-kovida [“He who is expert at mukunda mala stotram the status quo of repeated birth and death”], Natha mukunda mala stotram Supreme Lord”], Jagan-nivasa [“the resort of the cosmos”], and Naga-sayana [“the Lord who lies down on the serpent bed”].

Without remembrance of His lotus feet, recitation of scripture is merely crying in the wilderness, regular observance of severe vows enjoined in the Vedas is no more mukunda mala stotram a way to mukunda mala stotram weight, execution of prescribed pious duties is like pouring oblations onto ashes, and bathing at various holy sites is no better than an elephant’s bath.

O killer of Kamsa! What a condemned life he leads!

Mukunda Mala Stotram –

Those eyes are the most beautiful which darkness has abandoned after they have seen Lord Hari. Mukunda mala stotram head, bow down to Him. But I do pray for this most cherished boon: Recommended by Yajnavalkya and other expert yogis mukunda mala stotram in wisdom, this boundless, eternal inner light stotra the best medicine, for when drunk it bestows complete and final liberation. Timeline of Srila Prabhupada’s Life. Malz let me never be unable to serve You in some menial way, birth after birth.

This is the only mantra for destroying all enemies, the mantra worshiped by every word of the Upanishads, the mantra that uproots samsara, the mantra that drives away all stotrsm mukunda mala stotram of ignorance, the mantra for attaining infinite opulence, the mukunda mala stotram for curing those bitten by the poisonous snake of worldly distress, and the mantra for making one’s birth in this world successful.

He is the husband of the goddess of fortune and the controller of all the universes, which He manifests from His abdomen as a pastime. If you offer her to the lotus-eyed Lord, the killer of Narakasura, she will carry you across this ocean without fail. So why, bewildered fool, are you asking for medication? O Mukunda, my Lord! Etotram with us to invoke and fully manifest Srila Prabhupada’s Sttoram.


This body’s beauty mukunda mala stotram fleeting, and at last the body must succumb to death after its hundreds of joints have stiffened with old age. It alone is the medicine for restoring the three worlds to life and for bestowing unlimited blessings on the Supreme Lord’s devotees.

It is the perfect medicine for curing the disease of bewilderment, for inspiring sages to engage their minds in meditation, and for tormenting the mighty Daitya demons. Any mortal who chants the names Mukunda, Nrsimha, and Janardana day after day, even in mukunda mala stotram or when facing death, will come to regard his most cherished ambitions as no more valuable than a mukunda mala stotram or a block of wood. O lotus-eyed Lord, please sustain our lives as we constantly relish the nectar of meditating on Your lotus feet, with our palms prayerfully joined, our heads bowed down, our bodily hair standing up in jubilation, our voices choked with emotion, and our eyes flowing with tears.

But we, alas, never used our power of mukunda mala stotram in that way, and so we had to suffer such miseries as living in a womb.

Since he chanted that the most and the verse is sung independently many times, Krsna Tvadiya Pada Pankaja is included as a separate song on this site. Cast aside all hesitation and concentrate your thoughts on Lord Narayana, whom one very easily attains through devotional service.

Let me reside either in the realm of the demigods, in the world of human beings, or in hell, as You please. O feet, go to the temple mukunda mala stotram Lord Hari. And let me never be unable to serve You in some menial way, birth after birth.

I bow down my head to Your Lordship and respectfully ask You to fulfill this one desire of mukunda mala stotram Nor is my purpose to enjoy the soft-skinned beautiful women who reside in the gardens of heaven. O Lord, killer of the demon Naraka! All glories to Lord Sri Krsna, the brilliant light of the Vrsni dynasty! He mukunda mala stotram particularly fond of the thirty-third verse that devotees would chant that verse solely.

O tongue, praise the glories of Lord Kesava. All glories to this Personality of Godhead known as the son of Srimati Devaki devi!

O Cupid, abandon your residence in my mind, which is now the home of Lord Mukunda’s lotus feet. Alas, what foolish wretches we are! His lotus feet are worshipped by hosts of gods headed by Indra; He is the son of Vasudeva, and His residence is Sri Vrndavana. May Krishna, the spiritual master of the three worlds, mukunda mala stotram us.

Mukunda mala stotram person, even if most sinful, has ever said aloud the blessed name Narayana and failed to fulfill his desires?

Mukunda-mala-stotra – Vanisource

O tongue, glorify Him. Our master, the Personality of Godhead Narayana, who alone rules the mukunda mala stotram worlds, whom one can serve in meditation, and who happily shares His personal domain, is manifest before us. O younger brother of Rama! O Madhava, muunda do not let me even glance at those whose pious credits are so depleted that they have no devotion for Your lotus feet. It is the name of Mukunda mala stotram. O mortal beings, you have submerged yourselves fully in the ocean of material existence, which is filled with the waves of misfortune.

Srila Prabhuapda translated and wrote purports for the first six verses above. Some versions say he wrote forty, while mukunda mala stotram opt for fifty-three or sixty. How can your enemies, the sinful reactions you have accrued, even touch you?