However, the entry I would like to submit was written earlier this year, while I was still a full-time undergrad. Jarel Seeh November 25, at 3: Thank you very much and we look forward tom your entry! You are commenting using your Facebook account. Xin Tian April 25, at If the graded piece which was edited has not been graded again, it qualifies for the competition. Go ahead, and all the best!

Familiarity with the classical and Judeo-Christian traditions helps tremendously in enabling appreciation of this literature, art and culture. Thank you for your query! Keep writing, and we hope to see you next year! The Department provides three foundational modules in this area of concentration. Literary aspects of language Exploring the relevance of the study of language for the study of literature. Hi, do poems need to be double-spaced as well? You are running your own risk if you submit this already publicised note, though we are open to accepting your entry.

I look forward to seeing your entry! British, American, and Nus creative writing module and Cultural texts.

Students are at liberty to pick their own nus creative writing module and genres. The student should approach a lecturer to work out an agreed topic, readings, and assignments for the module. Students who do not attempt the Honours Thesis will read Level modules to fulfil the Honours Requirements. Texts will be complemented by readings in Asian and Asian American Studies and postcolonial theory. Anne THELL This module looks at the emergence of the novel, at its experiments with form, and at its characteristic modes of representation.

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By continuing to use this website, you are giving consent nus creative writing module cookies being used. Galven January 15, at 1: You as the author can request for your work to be removed from any electronic platforms we have published it on after a year is up.

Thank you and sorry again for the delayed response. Best regards, Nicholas Liu. A significant number also find places in graduate programmes in the U.

Personal histories, professional rivalries, contemporary texts, visual images, political circumstances, intellectual trends, the publishing market — shape and influence the production of plays, poems, novels. If so, does this mean double-double-spacing for stanza breaks? Valerie WEE This module introduces the critical terms and methods required for reading and writing about films, performances, advertising, and other related nus creative writing module texts.

If you mean, including both poetry and prose within the same piece, the final categorization will be up to the judges, e. You can submit your desired entries now. Alicia Tan October 30, at nus creative writing module Hello there, i was wondering. We thank all of you who participated, and wish everyone here a happy New Year. ENA Usurpation and Authority, They will learn to apply specific reading strategies to selected texts and to raise questions about the reading process nus creative writing module its contexts.

Andrew September 27, at 9: Paying markets will generally not be interested in reprints. Rather than placing Pynchon within a literary canon, seminars will be thematic studies, nus creative writing module on a wide range of critical theory, cultural history, and critiques of globalisation and technology.

Prizes will be awarded as follows: Watch this space for more announcements! The logic of this seems rather warped so I have to clarify….

Ludwig Van November 13, at My full name is Galven Lee Keng Yue. Students will encounter a century characterised by extensive aesthetic innovation, active political engagement and the acute registering of social change. The range of nus creative writing module within modules is also wide. I would like to know if my short story is with you.

The logic of this seems rather warped so I have to clarify… Thanks! Do let me know the details. To qualify for the Honours Thesis, students must have met the pre-requisites for the Honours Thesis.

Would be nice nus creative writing module you have a gays or lesbians as judges for nus creative writing module year competition for a change justsaying. This survey course provides a comprehensive understanding of major critical theories of the twentieth century: Xin Tian November 20, at 8: Facebook notes will not be considered as published, but the danger of sending something that has already been shown to the public is that there is a possibility that someone else might take your work as theirs and send it for our competition as well.

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We however will not be able to remove your work from printed publications should you request it. Yingfen October 28, at 4: Familiarity with the classical nus creative writing module Judeo-Christian traditions helps tremendously in enabling appreciation of this literature, art and culture. As of which date must the participant be a student?

Am I still eligible for the competition during this period? The foundational module offers a general introduction and the modules at level focus on reading. Internal organisation of language structure Exploring the linguistic patterning of sounds, meanings, and syntax, at the level of word, sentence, and text.

Gilbert YEOH Drawing from all three genres of fiction, drama and poetry, this module presents a survey of the literature of Britain in the 20th-century. nus creative writing module

Valerie WEE This module is an introductory survey of the history of the motion picture from its invention up to the present. It enables us to assess the ways in which a director works with or deviates from conventional audience expectations, to consider how a particular film is distinctive from other films whose generic features it reiterates, etc. Tan Chuan Xun January 16, at 3: Career Prospects The critical and analytical skills that students develop in studying Philosophy, as well as their knowledge of Asian philosophical traditions, allow them to do well in nus creative writing module career areas.

Laremy October 2, at nus creative writing module Babe September 9, at 9: The Department is planning to develop a Creative Writing track with three strands – poetry writing, playwriting and prose writing – and modules within each strand at levels to introductory, intermediate and advanced.