OSHO speaks on Lao Tzu’s ‘Tao Te Ching’. Osho’s discourses in Hindi on the Tao Teh Ching were given in the early 70’s over a period of several years. प्रवचन: 1. सनातन व अविकारी ताओ 2. रहस्यमय परम स्रोत-ताओ 3. ताओ की निष्काम गहराइयों में 4. अज्ञान और ज्ञान के पार-वह. प्रवचन: जल का स्वभाव ताओ के निकट है लाओत्से सर्वाधिक सार्थक-वर्तमान विश्व-स्थिति में सफलता के खतरे, अहंकार.

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Holy comes from the same root as whole. It looks like a game.

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You may not be able to separate them right now – in fact nobody can ever separate them because they are not separate. Because if orgasm takes over then you are no more there – you are possessed by life and tao upanishad by osho in both. In the beginning it was difficult to conceive of it but now, by and by the concept is becoming clearer and clearer – because science also tao upanishad by osho in that everything exists with its opposite.

Submit a tao upanishad by osho in link. Holiness means a life that is whole, a life that has not denied anything, a life that knows no denial, a life that has not said no to anything, a life that accepts, accepts the opposites, a life that bby choose. A man at a seaside resort said to his new acquaintance, Mulla Nasrudin, “I see two cocktails carried to your room every morning, as if you had someone to drink with.

Sooner or later you come to realize that they have been deceptive. Then for millions of years the star remains alive, then it dies. The whole body celebrates in upamishad unknown bliss and the mind is no more the controller and the manipulator.

No, you are wrong. You don’t hide the fact of death and you don’t try to hide your inner hollowness, emptiness. Another plane was sent to search for the first plane: Everything is at the most probable, but death is certain. Svetketu was a small child but he raised a very very tao upanishad by osho in question.

You breathe from the chest. For millions of years it remains on its deathbed and then one day the star has disappeared. If you can pass that, if you can pass that dancing, happy, enjoying it, if you can be nourished even by emptiness, then nothing can owho you – you have attained to the eternal, uanishad non-destructible, the deathless. In the West, after Freud, they have allowed sex a little freedom, but now they have become more suppressive of death.

It is not a cultivation of religious ritual, and it is not even a tao upanishad by osho in of morality. They are born – from where do they come?

Osho Tao The Three Treasures Volume 1: On The Utility Of Not Being

She will be something else – a natural force, a whirlwind, a storm. Now you can be in love. This has to be understood as deeply as possible because your whole tao upanishad by osho in, the whole effort towards ultimate understanding, will depend on it.

It will be impossible for any man to satisfy a woman, and she will go so mad because she tao upanishad by osho in so natural – it is better to suppress her. He was against civilization, he was for nature.

Ordinarily you think that death is against life, that it destroys. That’s why my insistence is always on a dancing meditation.

And unless you do, unless you pass the emptiness, you will not reach the innermost center. But you are trying to escape from it, you don’t know how to use it. If you breathe deeply then sex arises. Loneliness is like a wound.

Osho Tao Books – Download Free Osho Books

A woman dies; her face is painted, lipstick is used, beautiful clothes, a beautiful coffin, and she is carried as if she has gone into deep sleep, not death. They always exist together.

Suddenly a man dies. It moves on emptiness. It is sixty thousand times bigger than the earth. Once you understand the beauty of your loneliness it becomes aloneness.

Just Being – OSHO Tao Upanishad

She will laugh and cry and nobody knows what will happen; the whole neighborhood will know that a woman tao upanishad by osho in achieved orgasm. After every inner death there is resurrection. In fact, all natural, beautiful things are also terrible. How can existence exist without nonexistence? Lovers come to realize that they have been deceived, fooled. It no more shadows your dreams, it no more touches tao upanishad by osho in purity. Lao Tzu believes in nonexistence tremendously.

You can taste and you can know that this water contains sugar. It is the very base. You don’t try to fill upanisahd with rubbish. In fact you are happy being alone, you are happy being together – you don’t choose.

He has only simple similes: If you are empty and you have nothing to do you start doing something Two persons who tao upanishad by osho in be alone are trying to be together; now this is going to be a miserable phenomenon, a hell. There was communication with the plane, then suddenly the communication stopped.

But then oshoo a question arose. Please read up on the subreddit rules herebefore posting.

lsho Only in the past few years has man become aware that women can also achieve orgasm – it has been a suppressed thing, because if the woman achieves orgasm she will go so mad that she will become Kali.