This is primarily a film production degree with an additional focus on screenwriting. Do I have to take courses in other areas? The Optional-Residency Advantage A Focus on Writing We emphasize the creation and critical discussion of original writing rather than the study of literature or literary criticism. General Questions When can I apply? Through workshops and supplementary lectures, we will cover:.

Application standards and thesis requirements are the same. In addition to our unique cross-genre focus, we are much more flexible than other low-residency programs: Courses other than the residency follow the academic year September through April , which provides for 26 workshop meetings. Thesis enrolment must be carried out directly through the program support, Alexandra Tsardidis, with the prior permission of your thesis advisor. Contact us for more information and we can connect you with one or more of them. The class runs across 27 hours to accommodate the schedules of students in different time zones.

Our technical requirements are modest. Alumni Alumni List Alumni Spotlight. Maillard, Keith Fiction, poetry.

Other genres have different expectations, but the amount of writing time is comparable. Faculty of Arts Creative Writing Program.

Creative Writing, Optional-Residency MFA Program

Many publish books and win literary awards. Do I need to have an undergraduate degree in English or Creative Writing to apply? Ubc creative writing mfa optional residency two-term class is for anyone interested in writing for the small screen; no previous screenwriting experience is required but it is helpful. All classes run from 9: It is designed to be uniquely flexible, allowing students across Canada and around the world to study writing at the graduate level while still living in their local communities and fulfilling career and family obligations.

Optional Residency MFA Applications Open

Svendsen, Linda Fiction, television. Ubc creative writing mfa optional residency I talk to one of your students about the program? Class preparation, reading and writing time is not included in this number.

Please see the Application section to apply. As a studio program the concentration is on writing and critical discussion of this writing. Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Graduate School.

Graduate FAQs | UBC Creative Writing

For on-leave, extension, continuing or part time if applicable fees see UBC Calendar. If you can read this page on your computer, you can participate in the workshops online. No, the undergraduate degree may be in any discipline. Research Supervisors This list shows faculty members with full supervisory privileges who are affiliated with this program. In addition to our unique cross-genre focus, we are much more flexible than other low-residency programs: Ubc creative writing mfa optional residency believe that this reputation, our cross-genre philosophy and our workshop focus will serve prospective teachers of creative writing well.

How do online classes work? Continuing tuition is not charged when no courses are being taken.

If you expect to finish in the spring or summer immediately following the application deadline, you are eligible to apply. Optional-Residency MFA courses are separate from on-campus courses. Many of our successful applicants have had degrees in areas unrelated to writing; some have not taken writing courses before. Ubc creative writing mfa optional residency will also screen movies and examine screenwriting structure, formatting and craft, working from the age-old adage that a writer must first know the rules in order to break them.

Optional Residency MFA Applications Open | UBC Creative Writing

At the end of the term, you will submit a revision of one of your pieces along with a reflection on your revision process. Students may work on a part-time basis, taking up to five years to complete the degree. This expense is, however, offset by the absence of many of the hidden costs of taking an on-campus program, such as relocating to Vancouver.

This is a workshop about taking creative risks while honoring your unique potential, ubc creative writing mfa optional residency aims, and writerly voice. Students work in at least three separate genres during the course of their degree — literary cross-training that makes our graduates more well-rounded writers and opens more doors for teaching and publication.

Students are fully eligible for Canadian federal and provincial loans and any ubc creative writing mfa optional residency US educational loans though please note that part-time students may not be eligible for all loans and please also note that Stafford Loans are NOT awarded to students studying in a non-US institution by telecommunications — so Optional Residency students cannot receive these loans.

What is the significance of stating your main genre in the application process? North American students with a 3 year degree will have to obtain sufficient credit in advanced level subjects before they qualify for application. At the end of it all, you will emerge with a body of work in at least three different genres as well as your thesis, a book-length manuscript or full length production of your original creative work.

Medved, Maureen Fiction, writing for screen. Advanced Writing of Fiction 3 credits, term 1 Anosh Irani. Faculty reader committees for each program are separate. Most courses are 6 credits each.

Home to an award-winning team of writing instructors: This advanced screenwriting workshop focuses specifically on writing for film. What happens during the residency period s?