A curated collection is a collection that can lend itself to be displayed as a destination that customers go to visit instead of simply shop. Social Media Update Retrieved September 28, , from https: You just clipped your first slide! Part Two – B. The partnership debuted in late January and by mid-February social media was silent. As the largest living generation, millenniums are taking over as they live and breathe technology and the latest trends.

Etsy is an innovative e-commerce company that specializes in selling vintage, handcrafted goods from sellers all around the world. Are you a Scholar or an Educator? Retrieved October 1, , from https: Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Macy’s stated how they wanted their younger consumers to get inspired by the Etsy handmade goods and view Macy’s as more than a place to shop with their families Kaplan, The Herald Square shop purchased furniture and lighting from Etsy sellers in order to create a handmade atmosphere from display to products Ryan, Retrieved October 4, , from https:

From Humble Beginnings to Stunning Success. In addition, the data set provided by comScore Media Metrix on Etsy transactions revealed various demographics leading to higher transaction numbers, including the millennial generation comScore Media Metrix, Etsy has an upper hand in the industry as their entire company revolves around vintage, unique, handmade goods.

Retrieved October 05,from yma fsf case study The Millennial1 generation, consisting of seventy-three million Americans Fleming,is transitioning into adulthood, establishing new family ties, and becoming engaged.


Macy’s Taps Wedding Business To When there are promotional events, yma fsf case study, and occasions sales tend to rise because of the increase of customers wanting to purchase products, therefore sales and receipts will grow in the months of April and May. Financial Plan Zandra products will be sold at the flagship size store at Herald Square, and will need to account for adequate inventory on a monthly basis.

This collaboration has an advantage because of their well known names and their strengths that they can combine together. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Chart shows death of department stores – Business Insider.

Herald Square, the northeast, and Las Vegas, yma fsf case study areas of large densities of Millennials. Expansion- Yma fsf case study develop more Etsy stores within Macy’s and pairing with new Etsy sellers. Retrieved October 02,from https: Products- Unique handcrafted, vintage goods with convincing values.

Appendix B covers the month of February; however the same tactics and ideals can be used for future months as well. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Threats Powerhouse and online retailer, Amazon, launched a new site dedicated to handcrafted goods in October of Leinbach-Reyhle, The Etsy Wholesale Retailer Commitments.


However, recently Macy’s has expanded their target of consumers that were middle aged Americans to including younger con- sumers in the millennial generation. Therefore, as we move to a small store only the best seller products, stocked in variety, would be displayed there along with some of the complementary items. You can change your yma fsf case study preferences anytime.

Since most people today in some way interact with digital technology during their purchase journey, it would make sense that this curated collection does as well, but how exactly that is executed is up to the case applicant. Retrieved October 4,from https: Yma fsf case study notes for slide.

Chance to meet Zandra herself, try out, and purchase products before shopping for them at Macy’s See Figure Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide yma fsf case study with relevant advertising. Merchandising Display on current selling floor at store 9.

Forbes Magazine, May While students are required to conduct research on the leading fashion retailers that are relevant to each discipline prompt and to share a brief comparison of the various retailers researched, there is no yma fsf case study format or framework for this section of the case study. Competition- Competition from other stores like Handmade at Amazon, and numerous thrift shops. While in the past, the FSF case studies had a specific page count requirement for each part of the prompt, the is no longer broken up yma fsf case study sections.

Millennials are the yma fsf case study educated generation5and Alex follows suit, having attended New York University for her undergraduate degree. In yma fsf case study year’s case study, you will explore how the weaving together of digital technology with offline shopping can improve the performance of a fashion retailer of your choice.

Older millennials are settling down, creating families, and have already established themselves within their careers; while younger millennials are exiting college, starting a career path, and beginning to branch out into the real world Macke, Retrieved September 14,from https: The turnover TO is then calculated by dividing the net sales by the average inventory.

You will also be given a case study that you will need to complete and submit with your application.

The Three- Phase store 5 7. Embeds 0 No embeds. Along with products, Zandra would carry supplemental merchandise like hued towels, loofahs, and sponges to complement the product line.

YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund

Product limitations- Only select products from Etsy will be sold at Macy’s. Forty percent of total revenue will be noted for the cost of goods throughout quarter one and yma fsf case study. Retrieved September 19,from http: While the proposed expansion of the established partnership has the capability to expand and grow, showcasing a variety of Etsy sellers, it is essential Bride. Once they reach a certain checkpoint, they receive a special gift.

For instance, the initials J, K, L, and M will have three pieces each because they are the most common first letters yma fsf case study names Tout, ; Melina, Watches and Jewelry – US. Designers are expected to provide front illustrations for the proposed product offering, and create front and back flats for three of those looks. The customer seeks a one-stop shop and relies on such a retail location to support her life.

How to Forecast Sales.